Hypnobirthing classes and workshops in Worthing

Create your own positive birth story

Learn essential tools to make you feel safe, calm and confident during your pregnancy and labour


Learn a modern approach to hypnobirthing

Hello, I’m Soraya, founder of mind body birth co. mother and qualified hypnobirthing teacher.

If you’re reading this and expecting a little one to arrive, congratulations! This is one of the most exciting times of your life, it can also one of the most daunting not knowing what to expect. I am here to help dispell the myths and inform you so you can release any fear and anxiety you might be holding on to and approach your birth with confidence and feeling in control.

Why hypnobirthing?

Here are 6 simple, yet powerful benefits you’ll gain through hypnobirthing

  1. 01 Calmness

    Bringing calmness to your labour releases fear and anxiety so you get to focus on what's most important, that you are about to meet your baby

  2. 02 Comfort

    Feeling comfortable during your labour reduces pain, allowing you to be in the moment and experience the wonder of what your body can do

  3. 03 Confidence

    Having confidence in your body’s ability allows you to approach your labour feeling powerful and excited, just as it should be

  4. 04 Control

    Understanding that you are in control of your pregnancy will empower you to achieve the positive birth experience you want

  5. 05 Choice

    Knowing you have choices allows you to make decisions that feel right for you and your baby no matter how your birth unfolds

  6. 06 Community

    Feel supported by becoming part of a growing community of hypnobirthing mothers, meet like-minded people to share your experience with

What mums say...

“Soraya gives off a relaxing, calm vibe which instantly eased our anxiety. The course is structured in bite-sized sections and leaves plenty of time for open conversation and questions. Soraya is super knowledgeable and explains things on a level which is understandable to all.”



Learn the essentials in one convenient session

Perfect for those wanting to gain all the benefits from hypnobirthing but maybe short of time, money or unable to commit to the usual lengthy, expensive courses on offer

  • Convenient - A relaxed half-day session, taught at the peaceful and calm space of Salt Water Studios in the heart of Worthing

  • Practical - Learn and practise the tools and techniques that will help you through pregnancy and birth

  • Affordable - The workshop costs just £45, making it one of the most accessible ways to learn and benefit from hypnobirthing

  • Social - A chance to meet like minded people - plus teas and treats throughout the session!

1:1 sessions

A flexible, bespoke course from the comfort of your own home

Perfect for those looking for a more intimate, personalised experience - especially helpful to those who may not enjoy group learning or have specific needs for their birth

  • Bespoke 1:1 learning - Course content tailored to what you want to achieve

  • Flexible times and locations - Hectic schedule? Session times are booked to suit your needs. I cover East and West Sussex… not local? We can video call!

  • On going support - - Telephone and email support before, during and after birth

  • Free resources - You will receive a free copy of ‘Your Baby, Your Birth’ by Hollie De Cruz, relaxation MP3s and course notes

What mums say...

“Soraya was a very flexible teacher who was happy spending more time on areas that we were interested in or felt we would like support with. She equipped us with everything we needed and gave us the ability to transfer the practical skills to any situation. From my birth experience, I would highly recommend Soraya and her unique approach to hypnobirthing.”